RangeShifter 2.0

RangeShifter 2.0


Greta Bocedi, Steve Palmer, Justin Travis

Tutorial (Español)


The RangeShifter platform was first published in Bocedi et al. (2014) and new functionality was added in Bocedi et al. (2020). The software is coded in C++ and packaged as a freely available Windows GUI. The graphical user interface is particularly useful for initial model exploration and for demonstration and teaching purposes. For more complex or computationally demanding simulations, it can also be run in Batch mode.

RangeShifter is accompanied by extensive documentation. For getting acquainted with the software, we recommend to first read the manual to understand the conceptual underpinnings of RangeShifter, and then run the tutorials offered in chapter 4 of the manual. Additionally, the manual describes how tutorial 2 can be run in batch mode. This requires additional input parameter files that are documented here.

For help on the RangeShifter GUI, please visit our Forum pages to browse earlier questions or add a new topic.

Note for programmers and Linux users

We also provide the source codes in a separate code repository for building the command line version. More information can be found in the repository’s readme file.


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  • Bocedi G, Palmer SCF, Malchow AK, Zurell D, Watts K, Travis JMJ (2020) RangeShifter 2.0: An extended and enhanced platform for modelling spatial eco-evolutionary dynamics and species’ responses to environmental changes. bioRxiv 2020.11.26.400119. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.11.26.400119