Project Centre for Ecological Genetics

Project Centre for Ecological Genetics


Greta Bocedi, Roslyn Henry, Camila Rocabado-Peñanco, Trine Bilde, Marjo Saastamoinen, Philip Francis Thomsen


Novo Nordisk Foundation (Grant no. NNF20OC0060118 to Trine Bilde, in the call “Challenge Programme 2020 – Life Science Research - Biodiversity & productivity of managed ecosystems”)

Projects using RangeShifter:

Insects are vital components of most terrestrial ecosystems. We are currently experiencing large population declines in insects due to anthropogenic causes, such as intensified land use, habitat loss and fragmentation, but we know very little about the implications for genetic diversity. Loss of genetic diversity can amplify population extinction and reduce the diversity and crucial ecosystem services and functions that insects perform. This project investigates the population genetic consequences of the dramatic declines observed in insect diversity and abundance, and the link between population size, genetic diversity, and the ability of insects to perform their natural important ecological roles.